WELCOME! I'm so glad you're here. I'll be taking orders up through Friday Dec 20th. Orders by then should arrive by Christmas.

About Jenni

Thank you for visiting!  UGLY Chocolates began in my home kitchen several years ago while my 2 kids were just little guys.  I learned how to hand temper chocolate, shape them using molds, and came up with about 50 or so filling ideas.  Since I was using real chocolate, the cost was more than I could afford to replenish, so I decided to sell them to friends and family since they tasted pretty good, despite being so darned ugly...  My friends expanded to their friends and soon there was a demand for more ugly chocolates.  Thus, the name was born - UGLY Chocolates.  

Even from the beginning, I was passionate about using local ingredients and eco- friendly packaging.  We have so many amazing people in our area producing some great produce and products.

I began selling my chocolates at the local Uptown Umbrella Market and over my Facebook page.  The summer of 2018 I entered one bonbon flavor, Sweet Potato Crunch, in a state-wide contest and won my category for food and drink.  I joke that you enter a contest thinking, "What the heck!?" and not expecting to win and then have to change EVERYTHING!

The award was the push we needed to take UGLY Chocolates from a hobby business to a steady, small business.  I still operate out of my home, I'm still a long way from any sort of brick & mortar, I still have to take days off for sick kids and for catching up on laundry, but I'm here to stay making quality candies for you.  I hope you love them!