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My Flavors

Banana Walnut*
One that turned out so good, it even surprised me! I’m not a big fan of banana-flavored things, but I do love banana nut bread... batter! Add some rum and we’ve got a great big winner of a filling.
Black Raspberry*
The glowing gem of the collection. Bright, creamy with a kiss of Chambord liquor. It's an homage to my hometown favorite, Graeter's Ice Cream.
Bourbon Ball*
My take on a Kentucky favorite. If I did it right, this bite will bite you back! Creamy bourbon flavors infused with pecans, garnished with crunchy toasted pecan pieces. It's not my dad's recipe, but it'll do!
Chewy Caramel
An old family favorite recipe. In its full glory it's so chewy, it'll pull your teeth out! But nothing beats that warm caramel flavor. I've tweaked it a bit so your fillings stay intact, but the flavor hasn't changed a bit!
Chili Pecan Bar
It's toasted praline pecans with a blend of flavorful chili spices, robust and mild in heat. Crunchy with the salty and sweet. Yum.
Coconut Rum*
A fluid, smooth center with a bit of rum bite! Coconut flakes for garnish with a drizzle of organic coconut oil.
Coffee Cream
I wanted to share the other aspects of coffee I love apart from the crunchy deep embers of the espresso bar and the toasty warm smoothness of some of my favorite java roasts. If there is a consumable I love more than chocolate, it’s coffee... hands down.
Dark Caramel
Caramel on the edge! Edge of toffee sweetness, that is. It’s the smoothness we love from caramel and the richness of a deep toffee. But don’t worry, this caramel won’t stick to your teeth! It’s become an absolute favorite by my regular customers.
Espresso Bar
The espresso bar is a go-to when you need a pick me up! A balance of bitter and sweetness, caramel and toasty, with pillars upholding hints of wine, fruit, and vanilla.
Chocolate blended with heavy cream. Smooth and rich, this toothsome creamy filling shows off the best notes of my chocolate from shell to center. Oh my ganache, it’s terrific!
Honey Almond
A dense, roasty, lightly sweetened bite of perfection. A delectable and satisfying treat.
Kahlua Fudge*
Inspired by my dad's killer Kahlua cake! This one is addictive. Grab a glass of milk!
Mint Julep*
A Kentucky favorite, especially around Derby time! Enough mint to cool you off and enough bourbon to warm you up. A tip of the hat to my home state.
Orange Cream*
One of the brightest, friendliest chocolates you’ll meet with a kiss of Cointreau (French for fancy orange liquor). Folks who love orange REALLY love their orange and this one does not disappoint!
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter has a rich, deep flavor perfectly sweetened with organic maple syrup. Just a slight twist on a classic!
Minted with pep. One of the flavors Jenni has been most particular about perfecting. As peppermint-y as they come!
Regular Plain Chocolate Bar
For those who like a simple bar of good quality chocolate, this is for you! Semi-sweet chocolate in its purest form. Enjoy each creamy, uncompromising bite of regularness!
Smoked Toffee
One of those weird wonders that worked out for the benefit of us all. I truly smoke the ingredients before mixing up the toffee magic. Drizzle some chocolate on it, and it's fantastic. Delightfully weird, one friend described it.
Sweet Potato Crunch*
My husband's favorite. Bourbon infused sweet potatoes with a hint of spice over a bed of crunchy toffee bits and toasted pecan pieces.
It’s toffee. A round of delectable tender crunchy toffee with a coat of my semi-sweet chocolate. It’s toffee!
Toffee Almond Bar
Toasted almond bits mixed with toffee bits wrapped in a lovely bit of chocolate candy bar bliss. Yes, I toast the almond and yes, I make the toffee. A staple of the chocolate bar world.


*Items contain less than 5% alcohol by volume.

Allergy Warning: Items contain or could be cross contaminated with tree nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, and eggs.