About Jenni – Jenni's UGLY Chocolates
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About Jenni


 Winner, 2018 Made in NC Awards, Food and Drink

Featured in Our State Magazine


With two young children at home and a need to feed her innovative nature, Jenni began learning how to temper and shape chocolate using molds at her kitchen table in 2014. 

Shortly after, with 50 filling ideas and a need to supplement the cost of using real chocolate, she decided to sell her creations to friends. They didn’t look very pretty, but everyone agreed that they tasted pretty darn good. As word of mouth spread, demand grew, and Jenni’s UGLY Chocolates was born.

Jenni, a Greenville, N.C. resident by way of Florence, Ky., initially sold gift bags and boxes at the Uptown Umbrella Market and over her Facebook page. In 2018, Jenni’s featured bonbon, called Sweet Potato Crunch, placed first in the Food and Drink category of the Made in NC Awards.

Driven by the same creative, adventurous spirit that made her a professional, award-winning photographer, and that led her to study language and culture in Saratov, Russia, Jenni continues to develop new and interesting flavors using local ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. She still operates out of her home.

“I’m still a ways from any sort of brick & mortar,” she said. “I still have to take days off for sick kids and for catching up on laundry. But I’m here to stay, making quality candies for you.

“I hope you love them!”