Hot Drinking Chocolate – Jenni's UGLY Chocolates
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Hot Drinking Chocolate


Indulge in an amazing cup of hot drinking chocolate! The package comes with our favorite hot chocolate recipe on the back.

One packages serves 2-6, depending on how rich you like it.  Use some now and save it for later in my zip closure eco-friendly packaging.  It's so won an award for graphic design!  

Dairy allergy note:  Hi, Jenni here. I have a severe allergy to dairy.  I understand the frustrations of finding a good hot chocolate that is dairy free.  My chocolate itself has less than 2% of milk fat.  Be informed.  I do not react to it, but someone who strongly reacts to plain butter fat may want to steer clear of it.  It's perfect, however for people cutting out dairy in general, lactose intolerant or mild dairy reactions.