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How To Store Couverture Chocolates

How To Store Couverture Chocolates

How To Store Couverture Chocolates

You received your Ugly Chocolates what?


Real 'couverture' chocolate is excellent in how it is shelf stable for months! A plain chocolate bar kept dry at room temperature will be good to eat without spoiling, molding, or growing bacteria. If it turns white and has spots or swirls, it's probably out of temper, but that's another blog post...

When you begin adding things to the chocolate, it can change the amount of time it is shelf stable or safe to eat. Things like toffee, nuts, coffee beans, spices, etc. are fat-based items, and because they are dry, they can stay at room temperature for extended periods, like weeks to months. They won't necessarily rot or grow things, but they'll taste a little old as the fats can go rancid over long periods, like months to years. My candy bars are shelf-stable for up to 6 months, but they usually only stay around for a short time! Chomp!

When you add fillings with water-based ingredients, things can get tricky. That's why most bonbon or truffle fillings are solid and sugary. It's chemistry! They can stay around longer, making it easier for the seller to store them and for the customer to forget that they hid them and gobble them up safely!

My bonbons are shelf-stable at room temperature for up to a month. We've had them lab-tested to ensure they are safe to eat, as many are fresh fillings. What do I recommend if you don't eat them all right away? Put those babies in the fridge! We like to serve them at room temperature, but until you're ready to share them, it helps them hold onto some of those nuanced flavors.

Chocolates in the freezer

If you like to eat one at a time and savor them, toss the box/tin into the freezer and pull them out one at a time. They should be good to go for 3 months in the freezer. I actually enjoy many of them frozen! (Just not the chewy caramel, it'll break your teeth!)

I recommend determining where you will eat your Ugly Chocolates before buying. Will it be hiding in a laundry room from your kids? A candy bar is better suited! Served at a pool party? Frozen, for sure! At a party for all your fancy friends? In the center of the table at room temperature, in a beautiful bowl. How will you eat your Ugly Chocolates?