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It's Derby Time!

It's Derby Time!

It's Derby Time!

I don't really care about Derby itself.  All the pomp and fuss.  But it does remind me of days way back, when I lived in Kentucky.

My grandparents had horses, and I loved riding them as a child. I would walk through the property, gathering clover so that I could sneak it through the fence and feed the horses a snack. In return, I could pet those soft muzzles. 

In college, I would drive on the long, windy roads through the hills, admiring the horse farms with the sun setting behind them. My sister lived in Louisville and the drive to visit her was spectacular -- hill after hill, farm after farm. 

My sister loved the Derby, and I would visit her and her med school friends before Thunder Over Louisville. My senior year at University of Kentucky, Lexington, my roommate and I went to Derby, and I would go to Keeneland to see the races with friends. The thundering of hooves in your whole body as the horses pass, while you are course side, is nothing short of spectacular.

As much as I love my home here in NC, where I've lived for 19 years, where my children were born, where my blood is in the soil, I also embrace Kentucky things, like the Derby, when I can bask in my home state connection.

Derby has become a family event, where we bring out our best bourbon, pick mint from the garden and wear silly hats. We watch the horses and pick our favorites (by how pretty they are, of course!) and I try not to get weepy when they play, "My Old Kentucky Home." 

In honor the Kentucky Derby, I'm offering our brand new Derby Packs (18- or 32-pieces) at 10% off* during Derby Week. Each box is filled with our Mint Julep and Bourbon Ball bonbons -- perfect for every Derby party!  Use code "Derby!" and order quickly! This promotion will only be live from Sunday, April 28, 2024 to Saturday, May 4, 2024. 

-- Jenni



* Valid 28 April 2024 to 04 May 2024. Only available with online orders. 10% off* the price of "Derby Pack 18 pc" and "Derby Pack 32 pc" only. 

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